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Welcome to Pemako!

Pemako Sangha is a worldwide community of laypeople who practice a modern form of tantric yoga, including both buddhist and hindu practices, that is especially suitable for laypeople with families, work and other responsibilities. Our method is founded by Kim Rinpoche who is known for his direct, simple and pragmatic style of teaching. Our practices include nonmeditation (skt. abhavana) and transformation of mind through tantra, i.e. mantric methods.  

Our way of practice is experience-based and therefore we do not encourage religious or philosophical beliefs. Our approach is pragmatic because we speak openly about our experiences and insights without secrecy, mystery or taboos. Many in our community have spent considerable time training in other methods before Pemako method. As a method tantra does not teach renunciation or withdrawing from the world but the exact opposite, to enjoy and embrace life, and both its pains and pleasures. 

All in our staff have agreed to abide according to our Safeguarding Policy.

See Calendar for upcoming events both live and online.

Pemako mission started in 2008. Today there are members of our community in many countries such as USA, India, Canada, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Finland.