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Rainbow Body Yoga


Rainbow Body Yoga refers to a set of tantric yoga exercises that are easy to learn and practice. Due to some unique practices, such as Dynamic Concentration, Rainbow Body Yoga has immense depth and power of transformation. Rainbow Body Yoga is a practice tailored for common laypeople with jobs and families.”

- Kim Rinpoche, Founder and Head teacher of Pemako Sangha

  • Purpose of practice: Purification of mind. Opening of bhumis 2-13 and perfection of bhumis 1-10. See more about Open Heart Bhumi Model here.

Kim Rinpoche's Introduction to Rainbow Body Yoga and Empowerment. Empowerments cannot be received from recordings.

General info

Practicing Rainbow Body Yoga should be pleasant and joyful. The practice brings greatest effects with openness of heart and light smile on one's face. Even though in Pemako we speak of levels of attainment (bhumi) and use many technical terms, all practice really boils down to ourselves becoming more open hearted and open minded as people through applying practices such as Rainbow Body Yoga and other supporting practices like Guru Yoga. 

Rainbow Body Yoga is a combination of tantric yoga and nonmeditation (dzogchen atiyoga). Regular practice of Rainbow Body Yoga transforms the confused dualistic mind to it's natural nondualistic state. It also develops vitality and inner serenity.

Rainbow Body Yoga (RBY) is a collection of practices thanks to our gurus, Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal. In a simple program that takes about 35-45 minutes to practice, several highly effective techniques are brought together. The primary purpose of the practice is to illuminate our own mind, reduce and finally end our existential confusion (skt. dukkha) and through doing that help all sentient beings.


Techniques are easy to learn and practice. The actual practice is done sitting on a chair or on a meditation cushion in a comfortable position.

Rainbow Body Yoga has one level of techniques, that can be learned either online or in person.

Three Levels of Empowerment

Rainbow Body Yoga also has three levels of empowerment. Empowerments given by the teacher representing a lineage are a norm in all tantric teachings.

The 1st empowerment is received on Rainbow Body Yoga course. Anyone who has practiced the Introduction for 2 months, can receive it.

2nd and 3rd empowerments are available only to ordained members of the sangha.

To get a better understanding of bhumis, please read Kim Rinpoche's book What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice, available for free at this website.

More information about the Deities and Empowerments of Rainbow Body Yoga.

Who can learn?

Yogic practices are for people who have reasonably normal health and can live normal or close to normal lives.

If you have been diagnosed with a physical or mental illness that requires medication or medical treatment, discuss your situation with teacher before joining teachings.

Learn from a qualified teacher

Rainbow Body Yoga is taught by authorized teachers. Authorization as a teacher is received from the head teacher after one has followed the teachings, made progress in them and as fit to becoming a teacher for others.

You are free to discuss your practice with others but we ask you not to teach or tell details of the techniques to others. We ask this because techniques need to be learned properly from a valid teacher together with receiving an empowerment. Doing practices without an empowerment can be harmful.

All conversations between you and the teacher/s are confidential.

Technical information

Rainbow Body Yoga is based on certain syllables that are called mantras. In RBY we do not have long and complex mantras but rather use just few short syllables. Because of Guru Rinpoche's and Yeshe Tsogyal's blessings these syllables contain many buddhist deities, or simply, buddhas. A buddha is not a god or a being outside ourselves but rather aspects of our own mind and pure awareness. In tantric practice it is common to cultivate mantras, relating to one or more buddhas, which automatically reveal our own pure and clear awareness in the place of the usual dualistic confusion. In this way buddhas and tantric buddhist practice can be explained. Find detailed information about the deities in RBY from Deities and Empowerments of Rainbow Body Yoga.

Another principle of Rainbow Body Yoga is breathwork through unifying the five vital energies (skt. prana). Applying breathing techniques, seals (skt. mudra), mantras and visualizations together, our mind is flushed with breath energy (prana) charged with the blessings of the buddhas. This has a deeply transforming effect on the mind and uncovers natural awareness (tib. rigpa).

Visualization is another core element of Rainbow Body Yoga. In RBY, we do not use complex visualizations but simple ones that still have a profound effect.

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