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Pure Land Meditations

In Pemako teachings, opening and perfecting of stages (skt. bhumi) is extensively discussed. Pure Land Meditations (13 Pure Land Jhanas) are a way to determine whether the practitioner has perfected any, some or all of his mind. This is an advanced practice for seasoned practitioners.

In this context, the word jhana (skt. dhyana) does not refer to absorption or meditative samadhi, as it does in some forms of buddhism. The logic behind this practice is that when a stage is perfected, one no longer experiences intoxication or bliss. Without these gross sensations, there is only the dynamic clarity and aliveness of the natural state (atiyoga). If one experiences absorbtion with any of these meditations, with any of the buddhas on their corresponding stage, it indicates that the concerned stage is not yet finished, and there is need for more practice.

Pure Land Meditations need to be learned from authorized teacher.