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As far as I know at present, the Two-Part Formula is as old and timeless as the teachings of the Buddha. The steps are a simple and experiential way of combining shamatha and vipashyana to reveal a timeless fact: that there never was any real ego: I, me or myself. Calling it awakening is fine. According to what I have learned from Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, he calls it dakme tokpey sherab, the insight of seeing egolessness, in the context of personal identity. It corresponds to the awakening of a hinayana practitioner.

- Erik Pema Kunsang, translator and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism

"When we can loose our addiction to our illusory identities we can experience the nonduality of emptiness and luminosity. Kim found a practical method with his module to cut through this. I would call him ‘an awareness hacker’".

- Lama Barche Dorje, Tibetan buddhist teacher