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Deities and Empowerments

of Rainbow Body Yoga

Rainbow Body Yoga has 1 level of techniques and 3 levels of empowerments (see below).


The 1st empowerment is received at Rainbow Body Yoga (RBY) empowerment session. Requirements for receiving this empowerment are honesty and sincerity towards the teacher, teaching and sangha and following Introduction instructions for at least 2 months daily. After learning RBY, you may join Pemako Sangha-group at Facebook, if you feel that this is your path.

The 2nd and 3rd level empowerments are given only to ordained students who wear red-robes. Learn more about Ceremonies and Vows.

Peaceful and Wrathful Deity Aspects of

Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal

First Empowerment – Two Syllable Mantra

  • Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, included as an empowerment for Guru Yoga

  • Yeshe Tsogyal, included as an empowerment for Guru Yoga

  1. Kunzang Gyalpo (GR, peaceful, Guru Rinpoche as a King, 13. bhumi) +

  2. Dechen Gyalmo (YT, peaceful, Yeshe Tsogyal as a Queen, 13. bhumi)

  3. Vajradhara (GR, peaceful, tib. Dorje Chang, 12. bhumi) +

  4. Saraswati (YT, peaceful, tib. Yang Chenma, 12. bhumi)

  5. Vajrasattva (GR, peaceful, tib. Dorje Sempa, 11. bhumi) +

  6. Prajna Paramita (YT, peaceful, tib. Yum Chenma, 11. bhumi)

  7. Avalokiteshvara (GR, peaceful, engl Bodhisattva of Compassion, tib. Chenrezig) +

  8. Sita Tara (YT, peaceful, engl. White Tara, tib. Jetsun Dolma)

  9. Dorje Drollo (GR, wrathful) +

  10. Vajrayogini (YT, wrathful, tib. Dorje Naldjorma)

  11. Dorje Gotrab (GR, wrathful Medicine Buddha, skt. Vajra Raksha) +

  12. Dorje Phagmo (YT, skt. Vajravarahi)

Second Empowerment – Third Syllable

  1. Dorje Drakpo (GR, wrathful) +

  2. Simhamukha (YT, wrathful, tib. Senge Dongma, engl. Lion-Faced Dakini)

  3. Mahakala (GR, , wrathful, tib. Gonpo) +

  4. Ekajati (YT, wrathful, tib. Ralchikma)

Third Empowerment – Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Syllables

  1. Vajrasadhu (GR, main protector, tib. Dorje Legpa, fifth syllable only) +

  2. Troma Nagmo (YT, wrathful, engl. Black Tara, skt. Krodhi Kali, fifth syllable only)

  3. Vajrakilaya (GR, wrathful, tib. Dorje Phurba, fourth syllable only) +

  4. Kurukulla (YT, wrathful, engl. Red Tara, tib. Rikchema, fourth syllable only)

  5. Nidra Avalokiteshvara (GR, sleep deity, engl. Dark Blue Bodhisattva of Compassion, sixth syllable only) +

  6. Nidra Tara (YT, sleep deity, engl. Dark Blue Tara, sixth syllable only)