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Preliminary Practices

of the Pemako-lineage

Download Pemako-lineage Preliminary Practices-book here (pdf).


It has taken me 8 years of work to be able to present this list of Pemako Preliminary Practices. Ever since I was assigned the task of bringing the bits and pieces of different wisdom practices together, that were scattered all over the world, I have kept working on it in the best of my ability. It has been both a joyful as well as demanding journey, most of which was done on sitting cushions and practice halls.

Many of the practices mentioned, I have practiced since I was a small boy. As thickheaded as I am, it has taken me roughly 30 000 hours of exercise to understand and be able to teach the way these practices are taught in Pemako. Despite of my own efforts, the most important thing to me and consequentially these teachings, have been the steady and compelling stream of blessings and guidance from my mahasiddha gurus. Guru is the foundation of tantric teachings and there is nothing that could take his or her place in the process of transmission from mind to mind, and heart to heart. For this reason, I can only say that my life rests at the feet of my gurus. I have also had the fortune to meet and study with dozens of wonderful teachers of fine arts, healing arts, martial arts, yogas and meditations, and I wish to express my immense gratitude for them, as well.

In 2011, Babaji, a wellknown mahasiddha, told me:

It is one and the same yoga. There is no this or that yoga. There is only that which is according to the great tradition of yoga and that which is outside of it. At the moment much yogic knowledge is scattered around the world. It is your work to bring it all together.”

In the following, I am very happy to present a list of Pemako Preliminary Practices. I hope that in the following years and decades I can provide my dharma friends and students with everything they need to know about these practices for them to go beyond preliminaries and exercises, to achieve the greatest of all accomplishments.

I wish the best possible life and practice circumstances for those who dive deep with these practices.

May all beings be free,

- Kim Rinpoche, 8th of May 2019

Founder and Head Teacher of Pemako Sangha