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Tantric Trauma Therapy

As the name suggests, Tantric Trauma Therapy, are tantric meditation exercises for healing of trauma. Tantric Trauma Therapy is based on the so-called pure view of oneself, other people and our surroundings. Pure view means to acknowledge that ourselves, others around us, as well as nature around us has buddhanature, and therefore, everyone is essentially good and pure. In Tantric Trauma Therapy this view is applied into meditation in a way that removes deeply ingrained traumas from the subconscious mind by recognising that we can feel safe about traumatic events or people.

Kim Rinpoche teaches Tantric Trauma Therapy on request.

Find recordings of Tantric Trauma Therapy here.

About Tantric Trauma Therapy. I really loved this 'teaching' and I let myself in fully, even though I had no previous knowledge, or had no reference to the enlightened masters. That didn't matter, because it's mainly about trusting the masters in this situation. And I was full of that. I know a similar approach from other sources, e.g. self hypnosis, where I go to my 'safe place' and then have similar experiences. I can also have similar experiences with imagination which is effective on a less deeper level. They are felt situations or images of being lifted, being safe, being in love and trust experience. What Kim Rinpoche thinks is wonderful here is the soft, loving way he brings it over. This has an increasing effect on me! Thanks for sharing” - Susanne, Germany