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13 Bhumi Model

Most buddhist methods have path maps that as the name suggests are maps that give us coordinates about our location in relation to the desired destination which in tantric practice is full enlightenment, or buddhahood. In Pemako we use a map of 13 bhumis or grounds that indicates our advancement on the path towards full enlightenment. Bhumis, that are related to certain subtle centers of our energy body, tell us where we are and how much more we have to go. Bhumis can also be called stages.

Bhumis are widely discussed in traditional buddhist texts, such as Avatamsaka Sutra, but no established buddhist tradition today uses it as an practical path map. One aspect of Kim Rinpoche's dharma work is to re-establish this ancient knowledge.

In Pemako Sangha, we discuss openly about our awakening experiences (bhumi openings) and further stages of settling into the natural state (bhumi perfections). Due to the exact practices that enable our practitioners to have recognitions of the natural state on daily basis and detailed know-how what awakening experiences are or what they are not, our sangha members make quick progress from the beginning of their practice.

You can learn more about the 13 Bhumi Model from Kim Rinpoche's books, Awake and What's Next?.

Kim Rinpoche's teachings of Bhumi Mapping and Energy Reading can be found from YouTube.