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The Ten Wisdom Goddesses

- Dasha Mahavidya

Dasha Mahavidya or The Ten Wisdom Goddesses is known as a set of tantric meditations centered on the ten forms of the Divine Mother – Shakti. Ten Wisdom Goddesses includes both peaceful and wrathful forms of the Divine Mother. The reason why Kim Rinpoche teaches this is to speed up the purification process so that the physical body becomes a natural continuum of the enlightened mind, rather than the body and the mind remaining as two separate things.

Names of The Ten Wisdom Goddesses

  • Tripura Sundari

  • Tara

  • Kali

  • Chinnamasta

  • Bhairavi

  • Dhumavati

  • Bagalamukhi

  • Bhuvaneshvari

  • Matangi

  • Kamala