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  • Yesterday our rinpoche wrote in, Today I announced to our sangha about outstanding results from Pemako practice in the case of two students, first lady from Finland, another lady from Switzerland. The number of people who reached "emptiness of all phenomena", i.e. the first stage of buddhahood in Pemako sangha went up to 11 in total. In the world of dharma these are outstanding and unique results. That's quite well for a sangha of 70 people in total...” Read the full post here. 25.5.2022
  • 9th person from Pemako Sangha has attained buddhahood. Read Rinpoche's short announcement here. 28.3.2022.
  • Pemako Spring Retreat info has been updated. It will be held simultaneously online and at our city center in Birmingham UK. There are still 5 places open for the live retreat. Find details from the event info.
  • See our 2022 events. This year we have number of retreats held live and all retreats available for online participation. Welcome! 16.1.2022.
  • Third part of Kim Rinpoche's Christ within, Buddha within takes place next Thursday, November 18. In these four sessions, Kim Rinpoche will point out the basic nature of all beings. He will present Jesus Christ as an enlightened master rather than as a religious figure. We will also feel the living presence of Jesus by asking his blessings. Everyone is welcome! 14.11.2021

  • Watch Kim Rinpoche's interview on NeverMind Podcast, 6.11.2021.
  • Rainbow Body Yoga is the main yogic practice in Pemako buddhist teachings. This is a practice that brings together a lot of different techniques that are very effective when practiced regularly. Next opportunity for learning Rainbow Body Yoga is 7th of February. Welcome all! Click here. 15.1.2021.
  • This year our annual Winter Retreat will be held through Zoom video. The retreat will last the standard 7 days with extra 3 days for those who can join longer. Everyone is invited! 16.11.2020.
  • From Kim Rinpoche, "In 2021 I will teach the first Master Mindfulness Instructor Course in English, over Zoom video. Read about the method from the website. This is for those who wish to work for the benefit of others, teach people solid tools that will not only enable them to calm their mind but recognise basic awareness, all in secular language, while getting paid for it. This is Mindfulness 2.0 and you're all invited :) ".

  • Our Nowember Weekend Retreat will be held online through Zoom video call. The standard retreat is from Friday to Sunday. Two additional days has been added for those who want to practice two more days. As usual, we will practice Rainbow Body Yoga, dzogchen atiyoga, tantric guru yoga and have open discussions. TOPIC: Tantric Buddhism in the 21st Century West TEACHER: Kim Rinpoche. Facebok event here. All are welcome! 21.10.2020.
  • There is a steady stream of people who get awakened through our Guidance to Awakening. Read about Birgit's Awakening. 11.10.2020.
  • Quoted from Kim Rinpoche's Facebook: Hello people! If you wish to contact me and discuss your practice, that is possible through email or Zoom. If you'd like to do Guidance to Awakening with me, I can consider it. I have taken a long break from guidances but feel like doing a few again :) Email & ZoomGuidance to Awakening. 29.9.2020.

  • Read Kim Rinpoche's poem "Heartmind of a Buddha", and become a supporter of his dharma work. 25.9.2020.
  • Lama Lyse, close disciple of both Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Chatral Rinpoche, teaches Pemako Sangha again in October. This time others who feel drawn to this event and lineage are welcome as well. Click here for more info:
  • From Kim Rinpoche's Facebook:

    ”I have collected 40 examples of Dynamic Concentration into this playlist over several years. You can see Zen teachers, martial artists (kendo, aikido, karate, iaido) Shinto practitioners and Vajrayana buddhist teachers. I have collected these videos to indicate that shouts are indeed used in many spiritual/dharma and bodymind methods. From these videos you can also observe the main difference of singular shouts vs. many shouts, like we do in Pemako Buddhism. In my experience dynamic type of concentration is the most direct means to recognise the natural state. The beauty of it is that you can find out the efficacy yourself in the next 5 minutes by trying it yourself, if you wish. This is the most direct means to give yourself the highest of all tantric empowerments which is to recognise your own buddhanature.”

  • Western Vajrayana Buddhism is here! Welcome to pragmatic vajrayana buddhism where everything can be openly discussed, without hierarchy and dogmatic beliefs! You can start Pemako Buddhist practice from your own home. See Calendar for upcoming events, incl. online empowerments of Rainbow Body Yoga and 2-7 day retreats, both live and online. 20.6.2020.
  • I rejoice that Kim is enabling so many practitioners to get awakened in such an approachable manner. May the Dharma flourish for the benefit of all beings!” - Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo; Author, nun and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism

    Download Kim Rinpoche's book "Awake!" for free here:

  • In July you have unique opportunity to practice buddhist tantra and dzogchen meditation with Kim Rinpoche for an entire week because our annual 7-day Summer Retreat will be held over Zoom video! Read info here and welcome all! 1.6.2020.
  • Calendar has been updated with many additions. Also, in May you have a good opportunity to do a weekend retreat over the internet (see Facebook event with links), and get direct introduction into natural awareness and practice with Kim Rinpoche. 24.4.2020.
  • Pemako Buddhist mission relies largely on donations of supporters. Please support Kim Rinpoche, his team of teachers and Pemako Buddhist sangha in our dharmic efforts. Thank you! Go here to donate:
  • See our Calendar for upcoming live and online events! 2.3.2020.
  • Pemako Buddhist teacher Lama Karl Eikrem has started Actual Awakening-group at Facebook to help people awaken through The Two-Part Formula which is one of the core practices of Pemako Buddhism. All are welcome to join Lama Karl's group! 27.2.2020.
  • Some teachers of Tibetan Buddhism have publicly endorsed Kim Rinpoche's work and his teachings. See Endorsements here. 22.2.2020.
  • See updated Calendar for 2020, 7.1.2020.
  • 24 Hour Guru Yoga on the Winter Retreat, 27th Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020. To welcome the new year ahead of us, we will conduct Open Heart's first 24 hour long Guru Yoga this Winter Retreat! Starting on the 31st of December and continuing for the next 48 hours, we will spend the scheduled daily sessions practicing Guru Yoga. As such, by the end of the 1st day of 2020 we will have practiced for a total of 24 hours. Those of you who have participated in our previous long Guru Yoga sessions, know how powerful this form of practice is. We very much look forward to entering the new year this way! Book your place on Winter Retreat today. 4.12.2019
  • Kim Rinpoche has officially returned from holidays and will be teaching the upcoming Winter Retreat. 30.11.2019.
  • Find upcoming teachings and retreats from Calendar, 17.10.2019.
  • See upcoming events from Calendar. 4.9.2019.
  • Second half of this year's training is about to begin after Summer holidays! Find upcoming empowerments and retreats from Calendar. Weekly Webcasts at Facebook taught by Kim Rinpoche begin again in September. Welcome all! 15.8.2019.
  • What's Next?-book has been added a new chapter entitled, "CHAPTER 3: Shamatha Experiment". The new chapter can be read and downloaded here as a separate pdf-file.
  • Annual Summer Retreat in July is nearing with some open seats. The theme of the retreat this year is: Moisture of Awareness: Being Nourished by Love. In addition to 4 guided daily sessions of practice, Kim Rinpoche will give Dzogchen Empowerments for Physical Exercise and for Song of the Vajra. All are welcome! Register now. 1.6.2019.
  • Teachings on Bodhicitta continue. Live Webcast today on Tuesday 9th of April at 6-8 pm EET at Open @ Facebook. Welcome all! 9.4.2019.
  • All weekend events and online events, including Open Heart Yoga Online Courses, are free of charge for ordained monastics. Please state your lineage when registering. 4.4.2019.
  • Calendar has been updated with teachings in Moscow, Russia in May 2019! Welcome all! 29.3.2019.
  • It is common for dzogchen practitioners to receive many or numerous "pointing out instructions" from their lama or teacher. In pointing out the lama demonstrates the dharmakaya nature of mind which puts the minds of the students also in natural state. When the lama demonstrates it, it simply means the lama is in that state of nonmeditation. So it is usual that dzogchen practitioners receive this pointing out from their lama many, possibly hundreds of times, before they "get it", before it comes the default mode of the student. This process necessarily takes many years, likely decades, also because the student has to go to the lama physically to meet him or her. This is the traditional way. It is of course valid but takes a long time. In Open Heart, the teacher also gives pointing out through verbal means and direct demonstration, on top of tantric empowerments which also are a form of pointing out. But pointing out the nature of mind, as done by dzogchen lamas, has a secondary role in our practice because of the differing nature of the practices we do on daily basis. All Open Heart practitioners practice Dynamic Concentration as a part of their Open Heart Yoga practice and in less formal ways (tib. semdzin), in their daily life. Because Dynamic Concentration shatters the mind (tib. sem) and reveals the nature of mind (tib. semnyid) very effectively in very short period of time, the students do do-it-yourself-pointing-out-the-nature-of-mind every day, that is, the practice enables them to "get" pointing out instructions on daily basis. Because they shatter the mind and recognise the natural state, this automatically makes their mind transform very quickly. This is why Open Heart practitioners have so many irreversible shifts so fast, and when they have the 11th major shift, open the 11th bhumi, natural state comes their default mode. At the moment 20 practitioners of our sangha has achieved this stage within few years, not decades. That is fourth, 25%, of the whole sangha. Needless to say I am very proud of our method and the achievements of my students. It is all because of Guru Rinpoche's living blessings. Everyone is invited. Namo Guru Rinpoche, Kim. 22.3.2019.

  • Open Heart City Retreat in Moscow, Russia

    Hello all,

    I've been invited to teach in Moscow, Russia, in May. The date is not yet confirmed but the event will likely take place on Friday-Sunday 24th-26th of May. The event is organised by Vadim Ginzburg and Mikhail Reider. This event is a "City Retreat" which means that we will practice Open Heart Yoga, Guru Yoga, Ati Yoga and I will give talks. Everyone is welcome to join the event but one gets most benefit if one has already learned Open Heart Yoga level 1. It can be learned through the internet beforehand.

    Now, Vadim and Mikhail would like to ask people who are interested in joining the event to contact them, so that they get some sense how many people are joining. Please email Vadim in his email as soon as possible: . Also, if you have friends who might be interested, let them know.

    Thank you,


  • 140 people have awakened through our Guidance to Awakening. Due to the high demand of guidances we are experimenting giving guidances to small groups. 25.2.2019.
  • Next Online Empowerment of Open Heart Yoga will be held on Sunday 24th of February. See Calender and register well in advance. 9.2.2019
  • New edition of Awake!-ebook is now available for free! It has 50 pages more materials and fixed English throughout! 4.2.2019.
  • Next Online Empowerment of Open Heart Yoga will be held on Sunday 24th of February. See Calender and register well in advance. 30.1.2019.
  • Listen senior Open Heart-practitioners discuss Opening and Perfecting of Bhumis, Karl and Jonathan, and Helena. 16.1.2019.
  • Learn and start Open Heart Yoga this month! Next empowerment will be held on Sunday 20th of January. Find info here and register today! 7.1.2019.
  • We have re-opened applications for 3 free places of Guidance to Awakening. Read info and apply. 2.12.2018.

  • Kim is travelling to Japan from 20th until 30th of Nowember and during this time is not reachable through email. You can send your course registration for Online Empowerment of Open Heart Yoga on 2nd of December, as normally, and will get a reply on 1st of December. 17.11.2018.

  • Join the next Online Empowerment to Open Heart Yoga on 2nd of December and start your practice. Open Heart Yoga is the main practice of Open Heart, that enables quick deconstruction of self-delusion, through a successive series of awakenings (bhumi openings). This enables us to truly know our inner freedom directly, without religious dogma or unnecessary rules. Open Heart is a path for normal laypeople, with job and families. Welcome all! 13.11.2018.

  • Open Heart-weekend seminar in Toronto, Canada, taught by Kim, is being planned. The date is not yet finalised but it will likely take place in few months time. If you would like to help the organiser, David Hoffman, or are interested in joining the event, contact him by email, me(at), and he will keep you updated. 6.11.2018.

  • We received 10 applications for free Guidances to Awakening, that were all approved. New applications are not accepted any longer. A written report of this experiment will be published, when all guidances have been finished. 2.11.2018.

  • Kim has now more free time than in several years. For this reason, he has taken the paywall off of emailing with him. Read info at Online Services page, 31.10.2018.

  • Hey folks! We need to do some renovation at our center in Birmingham, UK, like make another toilet, tear down a wall and do some flooring so that the place can be used for course and retreat activities. You have some loose money in your pocket, don't you? Donate it to us for a good purpose. Share. 30.10.2018.

  • Dates for 2019 have been published, 24.10.2018.

  • Read About Awakening, a dialoque between Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo and Kim Katami, 21.10.2018.

  • Reader feedback: "I decided to print it out, and while I was waiting impatiently by the printer, I was watching the pictures of Bhumi openings as they emerged. I never really saw the point of these before, but I suddenly realised that you can see the natural state in their eyes! Now I see!" Download What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice, free of charge. 3.10.2018.

  • Join Open Heart Yoga Online Empowerment through Zoom Video Chat on Sat 20th October. This highly effective practice that combines energywork and natural meditation can be learned through online empowerment and video lessons. Welcome all! 26.9.2018.

  • 130th person (out of 132) awakened through Guidance to Awakening today. The awakening process is supported by a specific technique called The Two-Part Formula, that strikes at the bull's eye of the selfing mechanism, causing awakening or insight into selfless nature of mind. Find the technique and guided practices on video from our website, free of charfree of charge. 21.9.2018.

  • What's Next?-book is now available in epub and mobi. Download here. 19.9.2018.

  • Kim Katami's New Book Is Finally Here! Read and download for free! Interview with Kim Katami at Open Heart Sangha YouTube channel. 12.9.2018.

  • Kim's Skype sessions are available again. See info at Online Services. 11.9.2018.

  • Kim's new book "What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice" will be published on Friday 14th of September on this website for free. On the following Saturday 15th of September there will be a Book Launch via live webcast at Facebook. Join in! 7.9.2018.


  • Kim will soon release his second book on the topic of post-awakening practice. It will be available for free. Stay tuned! 4.9.2018.

  • Calendar updated with Online Retreat in September. 13.8.2018.

  • Calendar updated, 6.8.2018.

  • Hi folks! There are still a few open spots on the upcoming Summer Retreat in UK 18.-25.8.2018. This retreat will be a bit different from other retreats as we focus on love, compassion, do a lot of chanting and as usual sit nonmeditation. Its an amazing venue and its going to be a great retreat.

    You can find details of it in the link below. Everyone is welcome!
    You can find the booking form here:

  • The fees of learning Open Heart Yoga online have been lowered. The next empowerment of Open Heart Yoga Level 1 will be given on Saturday 1st of September. Welcome! 17.7.2018.

  • The upcoming online empowerment to Tibetan Heart Yoga on 7th of July will be free of charge. Go to calendar and register now, limited number of seats. 30.6.2018.

  • Learn Tibetan Heart Yoga Online. Next empowerment will be given on Saturday 7th of July. Check details from the calendar and register now. 14.6.2018.

  • Erik Pema Kunsang, a well known buddhist teacher, author and translator has given his endorsement to the Two-Part Formula that is used in Guidance to Awakening. 13.6.2018.

  • Birmingham City Retreat in September has been rescheduled for December. See calendar. 12.6.2018.

  • Thank you to all those who joined the city retreat in Birmingham, UK, in person or through webcast. Next webcast teachings will be streamed from Dublin, Ireland, in July. Find time details from the calendar. You are welcome to join in person too! 11.6.2018.

  • This weekend there will be some Facebook live streams, guided tantric and nonmeditation practices, from Birmingham (UK time zone), either in Open Heart Sangha or Open Saturday 9-11.30 am & 12.30-3 pm.

    Sunday 9-11.30 am & 12.30-3 pm. Welcome! 1.6.2018.

  • Our head teacher Kim Katami will give an empowerment to The Song of the Vajra on Saturday 9th of June (time changed) at Facebook. All are welcome to join the session, free of charge. Find the event here. 30.5.2018.

  • The teaching staff and the head teacher of Open Heart have released our Safeguarding Policy. 20.5.2018.

  • Tibetan Heart Yoga of Guru Rinpoche is a master practice of tantric vipashyana and nonmeditation (dzogchen atiyoga). What makes the practice special and especially effective is how the powerful blessings of the buddhas is injected into the mind with the outcome of immense purification within a very short time of practice. Applying the different techniques of Tibetan Heart Yoga also reveals the natural state, the empty awareness of all buddhas, which is the pinnacle of all buddhist paths. Tibetan Heart Yoga is meant for common laypeople with jobs and families. Join Tibetan Heart Yoga Level 1 teachings on the first weekend of June in Birmingham, UK. 20.5.2018.

  • Last week we had two retreat intensives in Dublin, Ireland. The City Retreat was joined by 22 people from UK, Ireland, Norway and Finland. Three people received confirmations of their awakening and the retreat itself helped five people to open their next bhumis. Thank you to all who joined! Find upcoming courses and retreats from the calendar. 15.5.2018.


  • Teachings-menu and the Intro-page has been thoroughly updated. 11.4.2018.

  • All our residential and non-residential/city retreats can now be joined by all interested! Guided Tibetan Heart Yoga-sessions are restricted to those who have learned Tibetan Heart Yoga level 1. Welcome! 10.4.2018.

  • 120 people so far have woken up through The Two-Part Formula. These people range from long time meditators to complete new comers. Find the instructions and loads of free materials from this website. 8.4.2018.

  • Learn Tibetan Heart Yoga in Dublin Ireland 20th-22nd of April. Find details from the calendar, 15.3.2018.

  • Next online empowerment of Tibetan Heart Yoga through Skype will be on Saturday 14th of April at 10-11 am Finnish time. Register now. 14.3.2018.

  • Welcome to a City Retreat (non-residential) at Helsinki in April. Find details from the calendar. 28.2.2018.

  • Next online empowerment and course of Tibetan Heart Yoga will be held on Sunday 4th of March. See calendar and book your seat now. 20.2.2018.

  • Finally! Awake! -ebook has been updated. Get it for free here. 10.2.2018.

  • 129 people until today have awakened through the Two-Part Formula freely taught by Open Heart. 9.2.2018.

  • All 3 levels of Tibetan Heart Yoga can be learned through online courses. Read info here. 7.2.2018.

  • Dates reg. the upcoming City Retreats in Dublin and Birmingham were updated in the calendar. These retreats start on Friday evening and continue through Saturday and Sunday. If you already made plans of joining from Saturday morning, it is not a problem. 26.1.2018.

  • Greetings from the British-Irish-Scottish sangha from the recently finished Winter Retreat. 4.1.2018.


  • The whole Bhumi Study Series has been updated. See directly from people's faces how Open Heart-teachings do. 21.12.2017.

  • Our head teacher, Kim, is accepting teaching requests for 2018. Contact him directly by email,, to discuss, 20.12.2017.

  • Schedule was updated with 4 residential retreats in UK in 2018. Welcome! 14.12.2017.

  • Kim is taking a Winter break (11.12.-26.12.) before the Winter Retreat in England (27.12.-3.1.2018). During this period he is not answering emails or calls. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 11.12.2017.

  • Dates for Bodhi-training in Dublin, Ireland in 2018 have been added to the Schedule. Welcome! 29.11.2017.

  • News from UK and Ireland. The upcoming Winter Retreat in UK is fully booked with a waiting list. We never had a waiting list on Open Heart retreat before! Also, from next February there will be 4 weekends of Bodhi-training in Dublin, Ireland. Stay tuned for dates. 28.11.2017.

  • On Saturday 9th of December at 4 pm Finnish time there will be a Refuge Ceremony webcasted live from Helsinki at Open Heart Sangha group at Facebook. Welcome all sangha members! 26.11.2017.

What's Next?-book has been added a new chapter entitled, "CHAPTER 3: Shamatha Experiment". The new chapter can be read and downloaded here as a separate pdf-file.