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  • Yesterday our rinpoche wrote in, Today I announced to our sangha about outstanding results from Pemako practice in the case of two students, first lady from Finland, another lady from Switzerland. The number of people who reached "emptiness of all phenomena", i.e. the first stage of buddhahood in Pemako sangha went up to 11 in total. In the world of dharma these are outstanding and unique results. That's quite well for a sangha of 70 people in total...” Read the full post here. 25.5.2022
  • 9th person from Pemako Sangha has attained buddhahood. Read Rinpoche's short announcement here. 28.3.2022.
  • Pemako Spring Retreat info has been updated. It will be held simultaneously online and at our city center in Birmingham UK. There are still 5 places open for the live retreat. Find details from the event info.
  • See our 2022 events. This year we have number of retreats held live and all retreats available for online participation. Welcome! 16.1.2022.
  • Third part of Kim Rinpoche's Christ within, Buddha within takes place next Thursday, November 18. In these four sessions, Kim Rinpoche will point out the basic nature of all beings. He will present Jesus Christ as an enlightened master rather than as a religious figure. We will also feel the living presence of Jesus by asking his blessings. Everyone is welcome! 14.11.2021

  • Watch Kim Rinpoche's interview on NeverMind Podcast, 6.11.2021.
  • Rainbow Body Yoga is the main yogic practice in Pemako buddhist teachings. This is a practice that brings together a lot of different techniques that are very effective when practiced regularly. Next opportunity for learning Rainbow Body Yoga is 7th of February. Welcome all! Click here. 15.1.2021.
  • This year our annual Winter Retreat will be held through Zoom video. The retreat will last the standard 7 days with extra 3 days for those who can join longer. Everyone is invited! 16.11.2020.
  • From Kim Rinpoche, "In 2021 I will teach the first Master Mindfulness Instructor Course in English, over Zoom video. Read about the method from the website. This is for those who wish to work for the benefit of others, teach people solid tools that will not only enable them to calm their mind but recognise basic awareness, all in secular language, while getting paid for it. This is Mindfulness 2.0 and you're all invited :) ".

  • Our Nowember Weekend Retreat will be held online through Zoom video call. The standard retreat is from Friday to Sunday. Two additional days has been added for those who want to practice two more days. As usual, we will practice Rainbow Body Yoga, dzogchen atiyoga, tantric guru yoga and have open discussions. TOPIC: Tantric Buddhism in the 21st Century West TEACHER: Kim Rinpoche. Facebok event here. All are welcome! 21.10.2020.
  • There is a steady stream of people who get awakened through our Guidance to Awakening. Read about Birgit's Awakening. 11.10.2020.
  • Quoted from Kim Rinpoche's Facebook: Hello people! If you wish to contact me and discuss your practice, that is possible through email or Zoom. If you'd like to do Guidance to Awakening with me, I can consider it. I have taken a long break from guidances but feel like doing a few again :) Email & ZoomGuidance to Awakening. 29.9.2020.

  • Read Kim Rinpoche's poem "Heartmind of a Buddha", and become a supporter of his dharma work. 25.9.2020.
  • Lama Lyse, close disciple of both Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Chatral Rinpoche, teaches Pemako Sangha again in October. This time others who feel drawn to this event and lineage are welcome as well. Click here for more info:
  • From Kim Rinpoche's Facebook:

    ”I have collected 40 examples of Dynamic Concentration into this playlist over several years. You can see Zen teachers, martial artists (kendo, aikido, karate, iaido) Shinto practitioners and Vajrayana buddhist teachers. I have collected these videos to indicate that shouts are indeed used in many spiritual/dharma and bodymind methods. From these videos you can also observe the main difference of singular shouts vs. many shouts, like we do in Pemako Buddhism. In my experience dynamic type of concentration is the most direct means to recognise the natural state. The beauty of it is that you can find out the efficacy yourself in the next 5 minutes by trying it yourself, if you wish. This is the most direct means to give yourself the highest of all tantric empowerments which is to recognise your own buddhanature.”

  • Western Vajrayana Buddhism is here! Welcome to pragmatic vajrayana buddhism where everything can be openly discussed, without hierarchy and dogmatic beliefs! You can start Pemako Buddhist practice from your own home. See Calendar for upcoming events, incl. online empowerments of Rainbow Body Yoga and 2-7 day retreats, both live and online. 20.6.2020.
  • I rejoice that Kim is enabling so many practitioners to get awakened in such an approachable manner. May the Dharma flourish for the benefit of all beings!” - Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo; Author, nun and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism

    Download Kim Rinpoche's book "Awake!" for free here: