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Online Services

Learn Rainbow Body Yoga Online

For info, go here.

Emailing with Kim Rinpoche and Lama Karl

If you are interested in Pemako-practice or wish to ask something related to your spiritual path or practice, you are welcome to do so. Please express yourself clearly and stick to the point.

We get a lot of emails and it takes a lot of time to answer them all. For this reason we ask you to make a donation in return for teacher's time. The sum is up to you. You can do so through PayPal.

Kim Rinpoche's email:

Kim Rinpoche's PayPal:

Lama Karl's email:

Lama Karl's Paypal:

Zooming with Kim Rinpoche


If you would like to discuss matters related to your practice together with a teacher, it is possible through a Zoom video call. You can ask questions about your practice, receive instructions and practice together with the teacher. Duration of a session is from 45-60 minutes. Arrange a session through email:


100-150€ to others than Pemako Sangha members

70-100€ to Pemako Sangha members

Make your payment through PayPal or internet bank once the session has been scheduled.

Kim's PayPal:

Name: Kim Katami, IBAN: FI48 5722 9040 1280 81, SWIFT: OKOYFIHH, Message: Zoom

Bhumi Mapping

Note: Available only to Pemako Sangha members

Pemako Buddhist Sangha-members are welcome to send their photos to Kim Rinpoche for bhumi verification.

The photo should be high quality and the file as large as possible. Remove eyeglasses, look directly into the lens of the camera, with plain expression, eyes open and the whole face clearly seen. Include a short verbal description of your experiences, about the recent bhumi opening and your own estimation about your bhumi.

  • Verification of bhumi opening: 50€
  • Verification of bhumi perfection: 80€

Donate through PayPal or bank account for each photo. These are fixed fees due to high demand of bhumi analyses.

Kim's PayPal:

Name: Kim Katami, IBAN: FI48 5722 9040 1280 81, SWIFT: OKOYFIHH, Message: Bhumi